Affiliate Marketing Myths 

By now, you’ve heard the buzzword “affiliate marketing”. There are countless podcasts and blogs from people who claim to make mad money in their sleep. I’ve been there, and I can tell you that it’s not as easy as all that. Affiliate marketing will net you a ton of cash, but there are plenty of affiliate marketing myths floating around there too.

To keep you from making the affiliate marketing mistakes that so many others fall prey to, here’s a write up of some of the myths swirling around the affiliate marketing world, plus the truth about making it in this business.

Myth: You’ll Make Big Money Right Away

Affiliate marketing is a long game (<>), and anyone who gets into this business to turn around a quick buck will be sorely disappointed. You need to find your niche and audience, then create valuable content that they’ll want to read. It’s not enough to put up mediocre blog posts (more on that later). Anyone who tells you that they succeeded at affiliate market by throwing up some tossed together content and dodgy links isn’t going to be successful in this business. You have to add value to your audience’s daily life and eventually, they’ll come to look to you as a respected and trusted source. Then, you’ll start to see returns.

Myth: You Need A Website To Be Effective

One of the biggest affiliate marketing myths floating around is that you need a website to be successful. Sure, having your own platform is really helpful, but you can be successful without it. You can build up an amazing presence on social media (<>). Use your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or even Instagram to get your desired audience to sign up for your product or newsletter. A good email list is solid gold. Having a website is nice, but even a website that has a ton of traffic doesn’t matter if you can’t nail down that customer base. Remember, affiliate marketing is all about conversions not about traffic. You have to get them to sign up, not just pass through, so use the tools at your disposal; social media and guest blogs to boost your credibility and following. Do this and you’ll have the backbone of a solid affiliate marketing strategy.

Myth: Affiliate Marketing Is Set It And Forget It

Remember when we talked about the importance of content (<>)? Here’s where it really comes into play. Awesome content is what separates the winners from the wannabes. You could completely automate your affiliate marketing, and a lot of people do, but it would really hurt or maybe even sink your business. If your customers smell a fake or feel like you’re just phoning it in, they’ll run for the hills. There are a million places to go on the internet and believe me, there are thousands of other people who can give them what they want. They will not hesitate to go there if you start flaking out! Your time is best spent through interacting and providing them with consistent, quality content that speaks directly to their needs. If you’re not willing to put in the work, someone else enthusiastically will, and you’ll lose a lot of revenue. Having said that, there are plenty of elements you can automate. You can set your social media posts to run at certain times. You can even create elements of a newsletter in advance but beware of not tending to your content after it’s up and running. It could kill your business. Don’t take my word for it. The internet is a virtual graveyard of websites that were once relevant and no longer are.

Myth: Affiliate Marketing Makes Your SEO Terrible

Unless you make two of the worst affiliate marketing mistakes; spamming the heck out of your customers and making your website so bogged down with ads that it’s an immediate turn-off, affiliate marketing is not bad for your site’s SEO. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to equal eye-assaulting websites that barrage you with pop-up ads and auto-playing videos! If that’s what you’re going for, you won’t make a dime in this business. Smart people who get into affiliate marketing understand that they need to keep their focus on creating the most positive customer experience and making sure they post a lot of fresh and relevant content (<>). If you follow the golden rule with your customers you should be fine.

Myth: You’re Too Late To The Game

Are you lamenting that the affiliate marketing train has passed you by? Relax. Affiliate marketing is just getting started and actually expected to grow six to eight billion dollars in the next five years (<>). You’ve come at the perfect time! Some people will tell you that certain niches are oversaturated, but bear in mind that people are constantly opting in and dropping out of the affiliate marketing game, so there’s room enough for you. Even if your niche is oversaturated, just think of what you need to do to stand out. It’s a great way to flex your creative muscles.

Myth: You’re Nothing Without A Mentor

When people say that they can’t possibly start to follow their dreams unless everything is perfectly in place, they’re really kidding themselves and making excuses to procrastinate. Harsh, I know, but there’s a compelling link between procrastination and perfectionism (<>). You don’t need the absolute perfect mentor or blueprint to start affiliate marketing. Just start. There’s plenty of free and paid resources online if you get stuck or need advice, but the very best way to do anything is to learn by trial and error. So forget finding a mentor and get out there and make your own mistakes.

Myth: Only Cheaters Ever Prosper

You’ve heard all the stories about how grey and blackhat (<>) SEO will jumpstart your business and can net you returns on affiliate marketing right away. Are they true? Maybe in the short-term. Blackhat SEO is popular because it works in the short term, but it’s like putting a band-aid on a gangrenous arm. It’s not going to last or fix anything forever, and by doing it you’ll just make your situation far worse. Cheaters don’t prospect in the affiliate marketing game because Google is wise to their scams and will epically smack them down when they find out. You’re fooling yourself if you think you can trick the tech wizards at Google, and you’ll pay dearly when you try. Affiliate marketing takes a while to take off, but when it does, it’s worth all of the effort.

I hope I’ve been able to demystify and dispell some of the more common affiliate marketing myths. If I’ve missed any myths you’ve heard please let me know in the comments! Let me know if this article was helpful for you too!

All of the information I’ve shared here has been implemented in my own business ventures. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t through rigorous trial and error and come to a place where I’m making a very good living from affiliate marketing. With a little patience, strategy and hard work, you can too!” data-userid=”916643525789532160″ data-orgid=”916643526250389504″>affiliate marketing myths

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